Living inspired

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Permission to Play

Live Boldly

Laugh Loudly

Play as often as you can

-Mary Ann Radmacher

Monday, February 4, 2013

I am so blessed with Sisters

Yesterday I took a hike in Temescal Canyon with holy sistas Leora, and Chava. We stretched on the grass, connected with the one above.

In the evening, Tahli and I went to Givna, Vino, and Bina; an evening of comedy, song and aerial acrobatics. Really nice to see the showcase of talent in the community. Danielle Braun was hilarious with her standup comedy.   Anastasia sang  Cole Porter You do Something to me, and Rachel Elana gave chizuk with words of Torah. I bid on the 2 surfing lessons with Lisa, and won.  Yay. Looking forward to getting out to the surf.

Permission to PLaY

The month of Adar is approaching!!! We all need Play Time. Yesterday I took a jumprope to the playground yesterday. Today I subbed in preschool-despite my resolution NOT to sub again. The place NEEDS an sustainability makeover.   

I worked with Morah Esther in her classroom.  She taught about the holiday of Purim and the mitzvot we do.  She took out the box of costumes. I put on the white lab coat-I can be Dr. Simcha.  We all need to up our doses of Simcha Vitamins!

I brought home leftover mashed potatoes from lunch to make a sculpture. I added food coloring. No waste!