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Thursday, February 22, 2007

welcome to the adventures of Alona

Hello everyone-all of my adoring fans, no please stop the paparazzi, I'm really a private person...if anyone wants to join my campaign to be silly, please join. no membership fees, just a sense of humor and willingness to be out there. its the month of Adar in the Hebrew calendar, so it says that joy increases when Adar enters.

thanks to my brother's encouragement, I'm finally starting this, this blog can be about my nanny adventures but my life is not so juicy spending all day with a very cute 9 month girl, working near the Gourmet Ghetto. I will keep you posted on what happens between changing pee and poopy diapers. yes, this position does have its perks!


Blogger Coin said...

bozster613 just fwd'd me this blog, Alona. Actually, i am a real Kohain like Arianne C's father. Since you are familiar with Berkeley, you would have met the recently-arrived Rabbi Yonatan Cohen, also a real Kohain at one of the few Berkeley synagogues.

There is another guy also with the last name Cohen, who is not a real Kohain, who moved to Berkeley from the New York area before Hanukkah. Also in the IT field, but more Shomer-Shabbat and learned. He wrote at one time that there is actually an official Berkeley library on the other side of town from the Gourmet Ghetto, which is dedicated to lending the very type of tools that Arianne C might mention in her repair book. Just thought that you and those reading your blog should know this....

April 13, 2007 at 10:18 AM  

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