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Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Ultimatum to the Creator of ALL THAT IS

Okay UNIVERSE. Its my birthday next week. Can I please, well, if its my highest and best good, be connected to my partner, and if its meant for me to create a family, that be revealed as well. Otherwise, I'm giving one VERY LUCKY and it doesn't hurt that he's handsome Israeli a green card, which could complicate my life, or not...

Laughter connects us

My highlights of my day include standing outside of Peacefood Cafe and asking two Israeli guys if they are getting their daily dose of laughter?  we did a few laughter exercises. a man in Whole Foods sitting in the cafe said he wasn't, and we made a laughter smoothie. Pineapple and patience!  and of course, abundance
I still feel awkward going to weddings, like I don't belong, I'm not wearing the costume. stopped by for a moment to say a mazal tov. A woman remembered me, I approached her and her friend last year in the bagel store. its nice to be remembered for that!

More Massage!

Healing touch is a neccessity, not a luxury!

It seems that I get a massage on a table once a year. Ok its been more than that, however it doesn't seem like a regular occurence. More healing touch for all whose cells so need the nourishment. Gets the circulation flowing.

The power of a hug

I just completed 3 days of Theta Healing, using our intuition and energy of the Creator of ALL THAT IS to manifest and clear our limiting beliefs. For some reason, a lot of anger is coming up. Feeling that the environment that I am in doesn't match the inner growth I am experiencing. So I am ready. Ready for change. And with that I want more LOVE, a LOT of LOVE-to my self and share with others. I am grateful to run into Ori who just got married on Sunday and gave me a big hug on Eastern Parkway. Sending you some love in your direction

Monday, August 24, 2015

Love this Laugh

Love the laugh in the beginning of this video. these people glow with happiness. Body talks and meditation helps!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


is it genetic?  I heard the author Brad Y speak Wednesday night


I return home from the wedding, with my schwag-another bag for me to shlep around my stuff!  I unpackt he lovely flower arrangement in a blue mason jar, and my other things....I go over to recycling boxes. there are several paper bags from Whole Foods. I think its coming from CA, these things are a commodity, they are 10 cents a piece!  here we just recycle.  I take them out, separate the double bags, and put them in my cupboard. perhaps one day I'll use them...