Living inspired

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Where's the joy, the play the magic?

those who know me I am a mythical being who thrives on the magic of the moment
life hasn't felt like that recently, however, its where we put our attention
is it our environment, is it low seretonin, is it just what is happening in our world. the violence in Israel hits a nerve

I find that I want to slow down,  meditate lots
life is bringing us opportunities to connect every moment.
I admit I want to be sleeping, checking out from the pain
washing my hair is a chore
life is so much more, so much bigger
each breath
open the heart.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Showing up to what is

Its been over a month since posting. Late nights in Crown Heights, flying to the bay area, Berkeley, adventures in Marin and beyond, and returning to the land of LA. I'm aware of the use of water in a drought. Why do the sprinklers go on after it rains? there's a better way to do things
I'm uncomfortable where I'm at, and accept it as an opportunity to be patient, as impatient as I am. It an opportunity to embrace change which is the only constant.
I'm grateful for the practice of being present in this moment.
at this moment....I'd like to go sleep.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

if you love life

why rush through it?
photo taken by Emily Abbey

happiness can't be rushed

take time  to savor

found this at a bike store in Carroll Gardens. asked a woman with a camera to take a photo. Emily Abbey.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Love Bombing on 13th Ave

I got sunshine on a cloudy day....
I've started Love Bombing 13th Ave in Boro Park. Boro Park is a religious neigborhood. a little more diverse than Willamsburg, but I definitely get a share of suspicious looks from people. On Thursday I was with my sidekick Rochel originally from Hawaii.
I meet her on the corner of 42nd and 13th. She's wearing a colorful scarf wrapped around her head. I've got ammunition of shiny smiley stickers and place one on her. they are a meditation to peel off. She's now initiated. We're going to pass out smiles on an overcast morning. Our first recipients are 2 women working for
Con Edison, I hand to them. 

She's been initiated into Operation Joy. We pass 2 women working for Con Edison wearing blue safety helmets. I give them stickers and one to the man wearing a neon green vest. Woman sitting outside store. I hand her one and she smiles. Rochel's approach is more agressive. She places it on the woman, usually on the chest area and says,"Hashem Loves You!"
We pass young women behind a table selling etrogs, Rochel gives one to an Israeli young man across the way. 
We go to Eichlers, I am looking for a book. There is a sign on the door advertising they carry a kind of snuff that starts with a T. I approach the man working at the counter and inquire, "do you have simcha snuff?"
He laughs
I ask another salesperson if he can help me find the book Love is my Religion.  not in stock
We're happified
We go into the bank, I pull out my bling dollar sign and say, "We ALL LOVE Money!"
No one blinks
We go into a hosiery store-the women are suspicious, not the most friendly environment.  I hand to mothers with carriages, crossing street with their boys, two women wearing pants. outside an apartment building, one is smoking they thank me.
 In the health food store, the young man behind the counter with sidecurls is  on the phone. I patiently wait for him to get off the phone and say, "I'm constipated, do you have a LAUGHSITIVE that will Ensure REGUHILARITY." being that Yiddish is his mother tounge, I don't think he get the joke...


Monday, September 29, 2014


I carry my Laughter Sign. Yesterday at the Clark street station I held it up to the female toll booth operator. She laughted and then let me enter for free. Thanks. this laughter business is good stuff.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Music and healing

Inspired meeting sincere loving people at the Rosh Hashana meal hosted by Aden and Levi Robin. May we lift each other up higher and higher.