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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chassidic Dog walker


its stinky-like the stench of the homeless man sitting next to me barefoot, his face glistening with sweat turned towards the heavens
riding the subway is a form of Hell here on earth
its temporary, and get the toxins out
I could use an iced coffee. thats how we roll

The Fire of Moshiach

May Every Breathing Being
Be worthy to experience
Great Indescribable Miracles
In These Chaotic and Confusing Times.
May we see a True End to Ugly Conflict and War
and the Beginning of Eternal Unity and Peace.

May Every Single Being
Transcend Present Limited Constricted Reality,
and Merit the Revelation of All Hidden Mysteries :
- The All Knowing of All Secrets
The Fire of All Living
Burning Bright In The Beyond.
Propagating the Earths, Suns and Stars
Of the All Glorious Physical Inu-Verse.
May We All Merit being Led through those Gates
that lead to the Dawn of a New Era
Governed by the Pri-Moridal Light
Of the Ancient of Days.
Where All Will Cease to Not Know.
And Knowing The Unknown
Will forever Be One's Ecstatic Companion.
Much Love
and Peace
and Victory
to All.

Sha-Rone   Kushnir

in memory of Yaakov Shlomo Matisyahu Chaim

I am sharing words from Mendy Pellin. today is the yartzeit of his brother

Three years ago my brother passed away. His name was Yaakov.
In honor of his Yartzeit I'd like to share a little story about a different Yaakov. Yaakov Shwekey.
Three weeks before my brother died, Shwekey asked me, on a Sunday, if I can come film a music video with him in Israel that Tuesday. A few hours later I was on a plane sketching ideas for the video on a napkin. It didn't make any sense to try to pull off an international video with just a plane ride for prep.
But it all made sense shortly after returning from the trip. I had gone to Israel to say goodbye to my brother.
Before that trip I hadn't seen my brother, Yaakov, in a few years. So this gave us an opportunity to catch up for a while. He told me about a maamar he learned that day. We spoke about our favorite Seinfeld moments. We spoke about childhood memories. We said goodbye. We hugged.
And two weeks later he died, suddenly.
Shiva was in Jerusalem. For some reason, I couldn't manage to get a minyan together for Kaddish. I was not handling things too well.
On the 6th day of Shiva, Shwekey called me. He was back in Jerusalem for a show and wanted to swing by for a Shiva call. He asked what time Shachris was. I told him I wasn't able to arrange a minyan and that he should swing by after daavening.
He didn't listen. He stopped by before daavening - bringing a minyan with him.
G-d made him the messenger for me to say goodbye to my brother. During that Shachris he arranged, I realized why.
With so much sadness in the world, we should take the time to recognize those that bring smiles and light to the world.
My brother definitely brought smiles and light to the world. May Yaakov Shlomo Matisyahu Chaim ben Yosef Getzel have an Aliya and may we truly cry no more IN Jerusalem!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Lovin

Summer is...appreciating the flowers in bloom at the Botanical garden-I like the zinnias and water lilies, and drinking AJ's limeade with kangen (alkaline water) and brown sugar,  strawberry ricotta ice cream, and doing downward facing dog on the grass as the moon rises.

Simcha Funk:

Meir Kalmanson ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and is doing AWESOME WORK IN the UNIVERSE!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Touch starved society

Meditating a lot on what that's all about, and then things get out of proportion,  our cells thirsting for healthy touch.
I just listened to Miriam Adahan speak about  The Five Love Languages, and for some of us its TOUCH!!!  Being a bodyworker, I appreciate being able to touch a person, not only their physical body their soul essence as well. Today I'm having a day where I actually jump at the thought of being touched. Stay away, I need space!

I think there is a need for a Touch Bank-where we can get daily deposits nourishing touch!