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Monday, July 28, 2014

Become a Mover & Shaker

YES! cause I am going places.
in order to be in motion we got to be still.

Geula consciousness

SO HOW DO WE SHIFT TO GEULA CONSCIOUSNESS? The most important aspect is shifting your perspective to seeing the world through this different lens, the lens of the Geula. In a simple comparison, have you ever traveled to another country and watched its local TV news.  All of the sudden what you probably realized is that the news seemed different, as it was from a different perspective, and that your local TV news at home was also from just another perspective.  But what if you could get above it all and see it from G-d’s true perspective – to see what was really going on. This is the perspective of Guela Consciousness, and while of course we can never fully understand Hashem’s  – The “usable” Hebrew name for G-d, as most names used are too holy to pronounce  - perspective, we are given a lot of glimpses of the Geula from our sages over time. For example, we know that the Geula includes bringing the Jews back to Israel, so by seeing things through this lens, we can now understand that the Argentinean Financial crisis, the shifting of South Africa, Anti-Semitism in France and elsewhere in Europe and financial troubles in the US have all caused a bursting of the mental bubble of living in the rich Western world and have caused significant aliya – or immigration into Israel of many talented individuals.
And on a more challenging level, we can see what is happening with Israel and the Middle East as direct from the “playbook” of some of the prophets about the end of days. But unlike the prophetic versions, we are actually in a version of the Geula called D’ita Acheshena – which effectively means it is a much toned down, much sweeter version of the Geula and that our actions – Mitzvahs, Torah learning,  and other actions to bring in Divine light are sweetening the Geula process every day.
In fact – and this is being elaborated in another article to come put shortly, called Why The World is So Crazy -  the more Divine light we bring in the world, the sweeter will be the Geula process, but  since the “side of evil” does not have the vessels to hold this Divine light, they will act crazier and crazier and apparently more dangerous.   Sound like what is going on in the current Middle East?  So here is the essence:  “The moreapparently dangerous and crazy things appear to be, the actually safer we are and the sweeter we are bringing the Geula. “ The emphasis is on apparent, since it is not a real threat.  In the current Gaza war, literally thousands of missiles have been sent with almost no hits.  As Jews, even one injury or G-d forbid death, is a major tragedy, and we are not minimizing any of the pain, but let’s not ignore the miraculous situation.  Elsewhere in the region, a conflict means tens of thousands slaughtered in barbaric ways. But not in Israel.  And the same miraculous situation happened in 1948, 1967, 1973 and during the Gulf War when not one of the scud missles hit anything. To ignore that Hashem is moving the missiles is foolishness that is even against logic.
So, by switching our view to one of Geula Consciousness,  that everything is happening for a reason, that apparent bad is good, that our positive actions – Torah, Mitzvah, kindness to others,  achdut (unity), ect.  – are all bringing more Divine light to the world, which in turn is sweetening the Geula,  is the mental space where we all need to be — and this is turn will absolutely sweeten not only the 3 Weeks but your entire life moving forward.
Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem
Chaim David Targan

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Feeling Flirty!

Flirting is Fun and Free. Everything is energy.  Keep it light and play with the energy. Enjoy!

Light into the Darkness

Some words from Matt Gleicher of Jerusalem Massage
"A little light pushes away a lot of darkness" Now's the time to let our light shine!! Use it to look for and see the good in everyone. It might seem that we are in such dark times....but there are miracles every second and way more good than evil in this world. Don't let the darkness scare you or fool you into believing that this world is dominated by evil! רבונו של עולם Master of the Universe please give us the strength to stand our ground...shine our light and expose evil and darkness for what it really is...NOTHING!! We are in the middle of the greatest transformation and transmutation the world has ever been through. Get ready for the wildest ride in the universe(s), hold on tight, don't be afraid and don't let go!! EMUNA ( Faith)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Feelin Abundant!

I had NO idea this morning when I sat on the rock and set my intention for the day that it would be SO much FUN!  Let the UniVerse surprise us! I got 'rescued' by Melanie in her van this morning by 930. Its been a day of summer bounty-blueberries and corn on the cob, napping in the hammock, reading, and scoring some great FREE stuff at the end of yard sales in Tivoli. We've packed the van with stuffed animals, glasswear, a sewing machine table, more stuffed toys-a plastic corn on the cob butter-super silly item what you call it. My scores include silver hoop earrings, a purse for every day of the week, stationery, a plastic chainsaw-going to do a photo shoot with a gown, bubbles, and a purple snap bracelet. I am LOVIN the kelly green shirt that was purchased and Ireland sweatshirt its thick and got pockets.  Its X-mas in July, cause its ONLY 129 shopping days left. who's counting

Edmond scored with a babystroller that he put a giraffe in

I shared some Laughter Yoga at an art gallery having an open mike. I wore my new straw hat that has a tissue paper sunflower on it. Great to get the crowd going.I placed a small  blue plastic VW bus that say gay bus and plastic lion on the sidewalk outside of the gallery next to a cigarette. my installation piece. 

YAAYY what an awesome day!
Ended the evening with ice cream. 


Friday, July 25, 2014

A view from my window

A view from my window | Chanan Elias | Ops & Blogs | The Times of Israel

May we have peace within

the deepest
may we have peace

a window where you can see Yerushalayim
Ttranscript of Reb Shlomo’s teachings, from 2 tape/CD album called “Nachmu
you can order it on the web

(singing) Yehi Shalom b’cheylech shalva b’armenotayich....
let there be peace in your chamber ... tranquility in your palaces

Shalom Shalom Shalom
peace in Yerushalayim peace in the holy city peace in the Holy Land
let there be peace
peace in every land peace on every street peace on every corner
let there be peace
just one more tear just one more prayer just one more song
let there be peace
just one more sunset just more night just one more dawn
let there be peace
just for my children just for your children just for G-d’s children
let there be peace
Shalom ..... Shalom .... Shalom .... Shalom

give me harmony .... one Friday night
one holy special exalted Friday night ‘in heiligen Shabbos’
let there be peace......
by the holy Radoshitzer by the Rebbe Reb Ber after the ‘table’
he called his biggest chosid Reb Chaim Meirel
and he took him to the window
let there be peace

and he said to him
“look out of the window”
and both were standing there looking out of the window
and their tears were flowing
tears from Yerushalayim until Mashiach is coming
until they couldn’t bear it anymore........
let there be peace....

the heilige Radoshitzer went back to his room
and the chassidim said “Chaim Meirle what did the Rebbe show you?”

and this is what he said:
“ohr chadash al Tziyon tair v’nizkeh chulanu – let there be peace
the new light! the great light !
the light we are waiting for
the one, which will shine in the Holy City
this is what the Rebbe showed me tonight - let there be peace”

“but why were you crying so much?”
and this is what he said :
“not only did he show me the light
he also showed me all the tears
he also showed me all the pain
the holy people of Israel have to go through
until there will be peace

so my dearest most beautiful friends and all of Israel
I bless you.......let there be one window in your little house
I bless you with a window where you can see Yerushalayim
whenever your children are crying or when you meet someone
who is filled with pain take them to that window
and show them the great light “ohr chadash al Tziyon tair
and give them strength to hold out, not ever to give up
until there will be peace