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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A day in the life of Alona

ITS 12/12/12!!!

HaHa Happy Chanukah

its an overcast day in beautiful LA.
Are we all grossed out by eating too many sofganiot-dulce de leche are the best.
haven't had the whole fry up party. we Jews like to consume the aluminum foil on Chanukah and Passover. and then the paper towels to absorb the grease....

Sun night I made some finely ground latkes, and my friend mashed potatoes-I added egg tumeric salt and some green onions
all in a days journey...the adventures of A
Today I am subbing at office of the Garden School. My responsibilities are to buzz parents in and answer the phones. My biggest challenge was figuring out HOW to open the garage gate. 
I got busy doing some decluttering.

 Morah Tif eret came in she locked her keys in the car we called Chaverim

a babysitter came in with oil burns. Alexandra wanted her to go to a Dr. we called Hatzola, she didn't want a whole team to come, so they went to her house
Chanukah parties and presents of gelt
gave breema samples to Chayale who is xpecting and a Persian woman who seems a bit of a princess-beret on head, boots, the whole look....

they had Olive oil factory
this is a pretty chill job, mostly a chill day with less kids and no school upstairs

I walked over to Pizza station-I did saw Rivka Roth and Fayga Smith there
noodles, green beans, carrots, peas and carrots with pasta for lunch

the teachers are checking out.

here copmes the girl from Pizza station with a food delivery
the sky looks bluer outside than it really is


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