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Monday, August 4, 2014

Forget about marrying rich, I need a grant!

Ok, my gift to the world is sharing laughter. I walk around with a cardboard sign that says
are you getting your daily dose of laughter?
I get all kinds of responses. curious, smiles and a few frowns. I walk through Penn station and stop the Amtrak conductors.  I  dance in the subway to Peruvian flute music, I miss the S train, it pulls away. Time for a laugh! HAHA. A man who I made eye contact with comes over and we make a laughter smoothie. Strawberries and tranquility. Perfect.
I take the train uptown, the airconditioning on the 6 feels great. I accidentally hit a woman in the ankle with my foot. Oops. In my intention to share some laughter with a couple in their 60's I hurt a woman. oops.
Ok! laughter break!  Just led 1 min of laughter with a husband, wife, and teenage daughter in the family room overlooking the E. river. Yeah! I'm in business.
Ok, so having the matchmaker call is nice-and it would be nice if the man who she suggested does call, however, its time to start a Kickstarter campaign.
Onward and upwards!


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