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Friday, June 5, 2015

Kabbalah swimming

ok I know kabbalah is a sexy word. swimming? seriously? walked on Broadway after leading laughter and stopped at table with a man selling books--I gave him a paperback book that I found on the UWS last week. He promptly put a sticker on it to sell.  A man wearing a Na Nach white knitted kippah was persusing books. I took out my laughter sign, and we got into conversation. Aryeh's mission is to keep the essence of Kabbalah intact while seeking a new form, a new energy and comtemporary sensibility which can be applied.   The way he devised to do this, was to develop a new method, using the medium of swimming to reach the modern spiritual seeker.  The result is a new style and form of swimming employing a new Kabbalistic formula, in essence, applying a great spiritual principle espoused by the late first Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Abraham Yitzhak Kook, of "renewing the old and sanctifying the new." to plug into his overall goal of bringing Jews back into mainstream Judaism through sport and exercise in a spiritual, healing, and restorative way that resulted in Kabbalah Swimming.


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