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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just a walk in the park...with Hatzola

I went to Prospect Park with a fellow landman from the bay area. We went to to Nellies Meadown and played on the logs for balancing and jumping. I was balancing on a log when I heard a crunching, I fell on my right knee and landed on my back. Could I get up.? I was definitely in pain. It took me a few moments, I wasn't getting up so quickly.I sent myself some healing visualizations I was able to get up and felt my knee buckle. I was able to mae it over to a log and sat against it and waited for my friend to go get ice. He returned, my friend Meyrav showed up with water, and woman said she could help me she's a hypnotist.  Eventually Hatzola came, I decided I wasn't going to make it walk event to the edge.3 guys show up. A younger well dressed mani with bright eyes, his arm in a brace, he's driving a vehicle. Two men with peyos come out of the ambulance. I ask the name of the taller one. Moshe  I want to say "Moishe'
No, I don't want to go to the emergency room, thank you. they wrapped my leg with an ice pack and bandage and I got int the car. Now this is cheap, they did not drive me all the way out of the park. The driver did give me a choice. I let him make the circle around the park.    I crossed the street to the library and sat facing the traffic on Eastern Parkway. I delayed getting a cab and sent my new mensch friend off to get a rootbeer float. Meyrav worked on a laughter sign and  finally found my favorite whacked out Lubavicher to give me a ride back to the Chood. Margaritas anywone?


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