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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Enlightenment through Cleaning

Staying in my friend's apt, I am cleaning her clutter. Ok, that we should be focused on our own chametz. Finding a Passover cookbook. Let me educate how Chabadniks eat on Pesach. In a pure way. No matza ball soup. No matza brie. No garlic. If it can't be peeled, you don't eat it. We're talking eggs and potatoes and beets and carrots and apples and avocado-but no dipping your matza into the guacamole. Keeps things simple. No spices. Yes. you can have coffee. Nothing processed, like in a can. My purist nature resonates with this.

Back to cleaning, there's lots to dust and pack away, but I think I am going to go out and celebrate a bit. Remember, joy breaks all bounds...


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