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Saturday, April 4, 2009

SHabbat HAHAHA Gadol

Welcome back to the Heights. I've hit the ground running, unpacking, clearing clutter, cleaning for shabbat and Passover. Remember, dust is not chametz, but I clutter is. Bought a bicycle, its a beauty, a Schwinn. I've risked my life already riding it on the streets. Remember, I'm not in Berkeley anymore.
Bought daffodils l'kavod shabbos, and passed out 2 to 2 girls on the street. Gotta spread the joy. I went shopping for some fruits and vegetables, and yes, I'm not in Berkeley anymore.
I was very tired, so I prayed in Beit Shaina-sometimes horizontal is a good place to be. We went downstairs to the Lezells. It feels very regal in their apt, with gold curtains. A chatan (groom) and kallah (bride) from France were there. They had flown to NY to go to the Ohel (the Lubavicher Rebbe's Gravesite). Their attraction was very palpable. No homemade challah, since people are freaked about cleaning for chametz. No need to panic. Daniella and Shmuel Lezell have 14 children. Daniella is from France and she is a beautiful woman. Shmuel is American, and very sweet. Their 4 youngest children were at home, ranging in ages of 19-16. Yanky who is 18 is very charming and has the ability to sell. He was trying out his technique on us, and I got some very good coaching.

Chaya and I went for a walk after dinner, which was around 12 am. I am amazed by all of the RV's for the parade tomorrow. Wewalked into 770 (the main synagouge at 770 Eastern Parkway).I am happy to know that the leaking sink in the womens section is now fixed. When I returned home, I found myself at the bookshelf, pulling books of intrest. Fulfillment in Marriage. Finding your Spouse in 30 days...

I went to Beis Levi Yitzhak shul today and got there for the last Torah reading. I entered wearing a scarf on my head. It could be confused that I got married, mostly a sign that I am not on the market. I introduced myself to a few women and shared l'chaim laughter with them. Had a piece of marble cake and kugel. The pleasures of Shabbos.

I gotta say, you can learn a lot about organization from Chabad. They have Chabad houses ALL over the world! I went to lunch at my friend's brother's house. He is in San Paolo, Brasil. I want to visit! We sat at a big formal table and ate on plastic plates. Oy, if I collected all of the garbage I generated. When the conversation got too gossipy about other people, I shifted the subject to share some words of Torah about achieving enlightenment through housecleaning.

I had a good shabbos shluff (nap). It was much needed. I awoke later than I wanted to-I was going to attend a talk that was in a big hall where they hold weddings. I went next door to Slyvia, who is Algerian, and has a very handsome son learning at Hadar HaTorah-a place where Baal Teshvua men learn. We sat at the table and I shared my dvar Torah about cleaning as well as l'chaim laughter. She's one of my biggest fans.

I went to 770 for a class about the difference between a righteous person and a tzaddik. I stayed until havdalah. The man who led it-I'm assuming he's a Rabbi-took bottle of wine, candle and spices and sings. Its powerful to be in a space with hundreds of people. I'm not saying Jews, because honestly, I think a lot of the people there are seriously religious fanatics and not Torah true Jews. more on that later.. Now, let the partying begin as it is the Lubavicher Rebbe's 108th birthday!


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