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Monday, August 11, 2008

lovin it!

how cool is this? I'm running a camp on eco kosher cooking for kids. I have 5 engaged students. we started off the day with some games-name game tossing a lemon, and what are you doing. we went on a tour of the big kitchen and checked out the ingredients. we made lemon water, helped Carla prep for the senior lunch, walked to a garden and met Fred who shared his garden. along the way, we found a blender, and I said we could use it to make paper. We picked up chicks and tasted tomatoes and blueberries and Mango the parrot sat on our shoulders. We ate lunch in the gaga pit and I was curious to know where people's lunches came from. After lunch, we made local lemonade with lemons and mint from the garden with an addition of lavender. I put a pot of rice to cook in the solar oven. Asa, Fred's son came with his biodiesel camping stove to make popcorn. he explained what biodiesel is. and we went outside to make popcorn. a lot of it got burnt. Oil works better than butter. Asa brought all kinds of condiments in addition to brewers yeast-dulse, blue green algae, parmesan cheese. There was a lot to clean up afterwards. where's my slave?

off to sleep, chocolate factory tomorrow.


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