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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Purging Possesions

I am in Hoarders Heaven. I am at my fathers house. There is dust. There is dust on the dusting spray can. there is the spices that are in a rack that seem like from the dinosaur age. I pull out a pillowcase from a drawer, it is from his 2nd marriage. Can we just get rid of all this CRAP, or maybe...its someone's treasures.

My father worked for Control Data in the late 70's. He's the original techie geek. he's an engineer. his toys include an electric lathe.
every surface has stuff-books, binders, boxes, chatchkes.  and Oy, I inherited this.
I'm working on this, I am so AWARE of my need to let go, live simply.
I enter his cluttered house, immediately he wants to give me things. A suitcase. I wish I could fill it up with stuff and haul it away. I am taking the train tomorrow, so my attitude is, you can't carry it, you
DON' T need it.


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