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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And now for a little love tap from the Universe

Seatbelts aren't just a good idea, its the law. I don't know exactly what I was thinking getting in the car JUST to drive it around the block to repark itwithOUT a seatbelt, when I saw flashing lights in a civilian car. 
Oh, no, they are out to get me. For not wearing a seatbelt? I pull the car over to in front of the apartment, and the cop comes over to my door. "You know why we pulled you over?"
"Do you have your car registration?" I search for it in the glove compartment.
I hand him my drivers license and pray that he'll have mercy on me.
None to be found, its New York.  According to Rabbi Shalom Arush; author of The Garden of Emuna and other Garden books including Garden of Gratitude,  when we get a parking ticket or other ticket, its a reflection on our spiritual service. I can ask myself, where are my actions not in alignment with my service of the Creator. Its knowing that the Universe is a friendly place, and is helping me grow spirtually. Its $, which comes and goes.


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