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Friday, February 7, 2014

I just wanna write

I'm jumpy from staying up too late from a laughter high! I led laughter in a tent with carpets and pillows. Awesome!  Great venue. More to say on that. I'm a bit jittery and my computer is getting warm on my lap. Just moved to a table in Coffee Bean and the sunlight is streaming in. I want to finish up here and get on with getting ready for shabbat. Not like last week, entering the chaos of my room. Balancing out my desire to spread the LOVE and help out a friend going through a a rough time and and taking care of me. There is mutual support. I'm going to meditate how to best spend the next 3 hours where I can be a consumer of goods and outgoing energy sending emails and phonecalls. Where to channel my psychic and physical energy?  I just want to flirt with the universe, get people laughing. It might be a good idea to be polished.
Plenty to perfect in the physical world
the pressure can be palapable.
I'm not cooking nor responsible for washing the kitchen floor, I want to feel like I'm participating, I I made a dip.

I've done my preparation of sweeping the kitchen floor and preparing a parsley garlic dip called sparlik. I've made my mark in several homes. I got turned onto it either in Berkeley or Crown Heights. and not just any table salt. Sea salt.  Its got to be quality.
My newest fan is Elchonon, the 10 soon to be 11 year old boy. I feel vey close to him.  I made it last week, self conscious that I didn't clean the parsley in soapy water.  His mom is strict about checking for bugs which really translates into not eating so much lettuce and greens unless its been checked before. I feel for the kid, I think he's getting denied some greens. He commented, "I could eat this forever." I made a batch this week, this time with quality organic olive oil.  On shabbat we eat delicacies.

Shabbat is about wrapping up the week-I went to a laughter yoga training, led laughter, a picnic in Runyon canyon with dear friends, and getting ready to unplug.

A father and daughter sit at a tableoutside. She's wearing glasses, headband and ponytail in a school uniform of a blue oxford shirt ad modest blue skirt. She's sippping an ice blended and looking at her phone. she puts it down on the table Her father wears an LA Dodgers baseball cap, unshaven, and I notice his smile lines. Hehas 2 cellphones on the table. I notice their connection and think about my connection with my father, how our conversation does not flow easily. the father is engaging, talkative, animated.


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