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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sharing Smiles with Many

Its a drizzly day. I'm wearing a coral colored vest and magenta rain jacket-some color in the gray. I'm holding a sign on neon green paper that asks Are you Getting Your Daily Dose of Laughter?
What I appreciate about Crown Heights is everyone here is a little messhuge (crazy) so I feel like I can do my thing. 
The first person I ask is the man doing repairs in the apartment entryway. "I'm trying" he tells me. Its a yes or a no.  I get a great response from a man who seems to be from the West Indies, a BIG smile. I continue walking up Kingston, walking past distracted people on phones, women with baby carriages. I get to the corner of Kingston and Eastern Parkway and see 3 people, they look like tourists, they are from Israel. I show them the sign, we speak in hebrew, the mother tells me to come back to Israel. I cross the street and encounter 2 female characters. One of them is Leah, a woman with a blonde sheitel, somewhat heavy. We are happy to see each other, we speak in hebrew. I see a woman walking and holding a book, she is praying. I know her. The conversation goes to the usual,"You need a shidduch." I want to laugh. She's walking on Eastern Parkway, invites me to go to her daughter's house. Ht er apartment is upstairs from an acupuncture office. A class on raising your children just ended. There are photographs on the table, and wrappers from gluten free muffins.  I invite everyone to take a moment to laugh before heading out. When I leave there, I go to the Dr.'s office to meet my friend. I am picking up keys to the apartment. When I return them, I hold up the sign to a heavyset woman wearing a scarf.  "I haven't laughed like that in a long time." My mission is complete!


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