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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cooking for a crowd

My days of grazing are over for the next 3 weeks. When I cook I usually have no appetite.. Yesterday I cooked with much more animal flesh than I'm accustomed to. It turned out well, nicely spiced with cumin.  I'm learning the amounts. I pray to pull it off well for lunch. My motto right now is better everyone happy and good spirits even if we're living on cheese sandwiches. I'd prefer to serve less dairy and meat.  
I got really tired last night-hello being up with the dawn will do that, so by the time it was 10:30, I needed to be in bed. In the end, I got out of the hotel after 11 and got a second wind, staying up til 1:30 with a bowl of rice crispies and almond milk.
I hear one child up, time to get the food going


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