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Friday, June 20, 2014

My relationship with my phone

it demands my attention. this morning when I woke up in a bed-Goldilocks finding is just right-a comfortable Tempurpedic mattress. Definitely moving up in the world after napping on a bench the night before.  The thoughts started going. Where's my phone?  what time is it?-normal, I use it as a clock. I'm going to guess before 7.
 Who sent me an email?  who is demanding my attention? slightly unhealthy Do I want to check pictures on Facebook? d ok, this is getting out of hand. I just woke up and I haven't taken a moment of gratitude. I decide to go to the backyar d, get fresh air. I return to look. I still don't see it. Hm
its GOT to be somewhere. Ok, I surrender, I REALLY don't need my phone to do all the coordinating I need to do today. Its extra.
I hear my phone, calling me, with the alarm
\Looking forward to an unplug....


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