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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Its all in the perspective

I'm sitting in Chocolatte, a hip coffee shop in Crown Heights. Part of it is open to the Brooklyn museum. the chairs are whimsical, colorful 60's print covered in plastic. the back section is all girls-I politely kicked out a young man wearing hat suit and beard. I had put my bag down. The mechitza (division between men and women) is here.  They are all engaged in studying and on their cell phones.
On that subject, what IS everyONe so busy doing on their phone?  seriously. I am guilty of talking and walking and texting-I LIKE getting in people's way when they are walking and texting, just and exercise in mindfulness. A young man has entered our space, he is one a phone AND looking at a cellphone screen. Enter fat Chossid  with peyos, our sacred space has been intruded on. Double phone guy is a Frenchie

The gate to the museum is now shut.

Back to phones, I really want to be present, and that requires walking around without a phone tethered to my ear. It was perfect weather for dressing modest. One store spells tznius  - sznius.... its humid and overcast and the people I pass on the street seem washed out and distracted aside from that, someone I know is getting married and I spent some time amongst living plants-pulling out  radishes and bitter lettuce.

Chaya who runs the garden  and I are modeling radish wreaths-love is in the air....reserve yours now for TuB"Av. I'm loving being lighter now that my hair got a proper haircut from a true artist!


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