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Thursday, June 19, 2014

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Its 3 am and I made it back to the hood
Grateful for my buddy 'S' ( I'm too shikker on sleep deprivation to remember his name. ) who works at Chocolatte, the 24 hour cafe.  He tells me from 10 til 2 it was quiet. Then 25 guys came. "Why does there have to be a rush?" . Yes, there are people here at 3 am .  Its my last chance to connect with him, he's leaving for Israel on Sunday. whoo hoo.!
I returned from my Manhattan adventure, soaking up all that I can in the West Village walking down the street with Te'Devan who wears a sign  6'7 Jew who will rap for you
And he does. on any topic you desire.   He's got dreadlocks and tomorrow he's flying to S. Carolina to see Amma.  I got informed that there's 2 Amma's. He's working on a book of his story. He's got stories. He lives simply and close to the source.
"New York is like a firm woman, she lets you know when its time to go."
Te'Devan is a fellow soul traveler, couchsurfing where he can. Surrender to the source.
My feet hurt from walking to find the subway station
I fell asleep on the train and got woken up by the woman sitting next to me in a tangerine shirt. she said I reminded her of a musician friend. She woke me up before Atlantic ave and I almsost entertained the idea of going to Coney Island. I'm here listening to tinny niggunim played over the loudspeaker. Good the music is changing to another tune...


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