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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Domestic Gdess in the house

I am content. I've just arrived-last night to a farmhouse in upstate NY, surrounded by fields of weeds outside the window. Its a chilly overcast day, I would almost think I'm in Mendocino. I  went to the Hawthorne Valley Farm market up the road-that sells biodynamic dairy and produce. I thought I was going into a small store; its a whole health food store. I think I'm in LOVE.
I hear crickets out the door, there's a waterfall 500 feet away.
I made shakshuka with local eggs and kale, and baked cabbage with tumeric. I did notice the organic red pepper is from Holland and the cabbage is from Florida.
I'm drinking detox tea that has schisandra berry in it. I'm detoxing from cellphones, rushing and being busy. I do admit to being on Facebook for too long. Getting ready to wash the concrete floor.
Sending vitality to everyONE.


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