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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Photo shoot at dusk

I got these great photos taken yesterday in The Crossings-it sounds like a place for a shopping center. I found Rich on Craigslist, he's a nurse who started a modeling page.  I like what he captured. My dear friend Chaya knows how to cut my hair so it gets the waves. I'm modeling a maxi skirt and draped sleeveless top from Marshalls, and green tye dye cardigan from Ross. 
I was dressed last week in leggings, a corduroy skirt, and long sleeve shirt. What I was wearing looked warm to the construction worker taking a break outside of the Dollar store. I just walked out of air conditioning, so wasn't feeling the heat just yet. He asked me, "aren't you hot?'
I dress this way to adorn my soul. 


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