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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

the power of the mind

from Nykki Hardin, who does cleanses and healing

1) Proper care of the Physical Body, and
2) Mastering of the Mind

This is the truth:
Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you choose to use it.  Become the master of your thoughts, and you can become the master of your domain.

I have seen it time and time again, and I have witnessed it in myself. Meditation has not only fundamentally changed my life, it SAVED my life! 

The DAILY practice of Mantra Meditation is the THRULINE of my existence. It is singlehandedly the most powerful tool in my tool bag. Because it has had such a dramatic impact in my life and I believe so strongly in it -- and also because I have received REPEATED requests from clients and individuals -- I will be leading a weekend workshop that teaches the fundamentals of this powerful, transformation practice based on the practice and philosophy of Transcendental Meditation.

In this workshop, you will learn how to implement this daily, home practice that is simple, easy, and only asks of short time intervals making it much more practical to implement. You will no longer need to rely on a class or a CD, but will be EMPOWERED to take the health of your thoughts and your body into your own hands.  It provides relief from stress and anxiety, helps alleviate insomnia and depression, and it will help you become so intimate with your own mind that you learn how to USE it rather than ABUSE it!!


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