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Friday, December 26, 2014

All powerful, now to share MORE!

Its always great to be in that space where I feel clear and I can share from a place of strength and be affirmed YES! this is my gift.  The sun is shining, its clear and so too is my path as I have faith in putting my experience towards the future of mental health. Today I
I led a Laughter session at Safe Haven in Arroyo Grande. 
Safe Haven gives support to people with mental health issues ranging from depression, trauma, and anxiety.
 I led a small group with gentle stretches, breathing techniques and laughing for no reason. Its great to see people‚Äôs faces relax and arms uncrossed. A mother and son were in the group and I enjoyed watching their smiles and hearing laughter. One of my favorite exercises is speaking gibberish; allowing us to speak nonsense.  

I have been practicing Laughter Yoga since 2009 and find it a powerful technique to stimulate my nervous system and create positive neural pathway.
At the end of the session, I brought out essential oils to share. Scent can balance our moods and levels of serotonin. I highly recommend a Laughing session to open up areas where you may feel stuck or come together.


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