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Friday, March 13, 2015

Going higher and higher!

I've wandered, I wondered, Some poeple run; run from fear from themselves. Other people run towards. I gracefully accept being a wanderer, an explorer, a seeker who desires much more than the mundane. And I won't settle. I want to raise my vibration, to raise the vibrations around me. And perhaps that is why I ran from a relationship that had the potential to ground me, that it didn't feel like a vibrational match. I'm on the Pacific Surfliner Train headed to Solana Beach to spend shabbat with my friend Carina and her husband and Baruch and their family to explore Carmel Valley. Sounds enchanting. Sharing this excerpt of a teaching from Shaul Youkodevich trancribed by Jenny Hanna Gross. So we have a message in this parsha. And r'Ashlag explains clearly; in
order for a person to reach immortality, to get away from pain, misery
and suffering, a person has to raise his frequency to that of
theCreator, which means; transforming anger, doubt, chaos, into higher
levels of thinking, feeling, reacting, state of being. How does a
person, r'Ashlag asks, raise his frequency? It is very hard. Many
people start to learn kabala, they experience an amazing high as they
start, feeling their luck changes, they have this burst of wind, of
spirituality into their minds and bodies and they start floating,
ruach/spirit also means wind. And then a few weeks/months later they
hit a wall, bc Rabbi Ashlag explains, it's like a missile, or like
sending a satellite to outer space. The first stage is the strongest,
it makes a lot of noise, power and energy. This is the beginning of
shabbat, the first engine, there's a lot of noise, jumping, singing,
bc you have to take off from the physical world and it's tough, just
to get above gravity, but then in the morning you can get easily
pushed up to the sky and the third phase in the dusk of Saturday
evening, you don't need any lift, you just need to orbit, this is why
third meal is so calm, it's not a take off.. Then havdalah, you have
the landing. R'Ashlag is saying, how much fuel does a rocket ship
need? How much fuel does a person need to raise himself? In the
beginning you need a lot of energy. But then most people, the
excitement is over after a short while and they have no fuel left, and
there's a crash landing. Where can we take the fuel from ? The zohar
explains; if you want to live; yes you need to make money to buy food
and have a roof over your head and you need to invest a lot of money
in a community for all and for one, where everyone is coaching
everyone else, when one falls everyone picks him up and when someone
else falls, everyone picks him up. The Ari had 25 students divided
into 3 groups. This is the secret to the world after the golden calf,
if we want to achieve life, we need to find a few people, start with
2; where you will coach them and they will coach you, and this is the
way to push to higher frequency levels to excel in the chaos, and
start to transform it. The honey these 'beehives' create can deeply
nourish the whle world.   Shabbat Shalom..!


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