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Monday, June 8, 2015

SO right on!

My Dear Friends,
The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast
It's been a weekend of significant energy upgrades. Have you felt the multiplicity of opportunity available to you? As a result we have experienced a marked increase in sound (frequency) vibrations being picked up and and processed via the ears. Have you noticed this?
This is no surprise given the amount of light that has filtered into Earth since June began and we moved past the particularly slow paced (thanks to Saturn Opposition) last week of May. It has been challenging for some to have their heart's opened so quickly, yet necessary for our growth. For our ears are directly connected with the heart and heart openings are always accompanied with these high level frequencies via the ears.
By the way you are not going crazy when this happens. You are becoming enlightened. And this is NOT Tinnitus of which I speak. Tinnitus is a constant ringing and a different topic all together.
- When we advance spiritually our vibration (the rate at which our material particles move) increases.
- We become lighter and process thoughts faster.
- Ideas flow like a tap. Creativity surges.
- Time seems to move more quickly.
- Positivity increases.
- We emit and attract a higher frequency range, greater light is emanated and transferred.
- We up shift our resonant tone. Earth's resonant frequency has also shifted.
When we have a rapid growth in our spiritual growth we start to receive up a very fine, high frequency sound through one ear or the other. It sounds like someone has turned up a radio receiver that they are tuning in. It starts quietly, then gets a little higher in frequency until it gently fades away again. It does not hurt or irritate. It actually feels quite magical. It is NOT the same as Tinnitus.
These sounds (these high frequencies) when they occur, create a feeling like you are communicated with the stars. You are. You are in contact with the music of the spheres. It sounds like a celestial tone. For indeed it is. For indeed you are made of star dust. We all are.
The more you advance and enlighten your body, the more you pick up the sounds of the universe. The more in tune with the cosmic flow you become.

Dear Tip-Off subscribers you would be getting the ear buzz constantly I should imagine xxx
- When receiving sound, stop, close your eyes and listen.
- You are receiving information that will be decoded at a later time.
- In the days following a starry download you will notice synchronicity in your life increases. Life seems to take on an uplifting hue.
Left ear receiving = spiritual growth. You are asked to act on your intuition and trust your divine wisdom. You are upgrading. Relates to the female aspect of nature.
Right ear receiving = physical growth. You are being guided on the practical steps to make. Go ahead with your plans and 'do'. Relates to the masculine aspect of nature.
What have been your experiences this week? Have you felt this up shift? Let me know by commenting below and join in the global conversation.


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