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Monday, August 10, 2015


Fwd: Cuddling- a message from yehoshua rubin

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I found this in my inbox, a gem

When all is said and

life is only about one


Do you want to heal the world, heal your
family, and heal your relationships? All you have to do is learn how to cuddle.
I call it the magic touch.

On an extremely busy day. Filled with
teaching and youth activities and laundry and food shopping and telephone calls
and business meetings I found that I had a 40 minute window. 40 minutes is a lot
of minutes and I was looking what to do next. I realized that I was too tired to
do anything and lo and behold our nine year old was watching a movie. So I said
to myself "That looks good." I sat down next to her. After about 2 minutes she
etched her self closer, poured her head onto my chest, wrapped her arm around my
arm and we cuddled. At that moment life was all good and there was nowhere I
would have rather been.

Did you know
that there is actually a medical condition called Touch phobia or the fear of
being touched
! Oy vey!
In the

is warm soothing

which gives us the strength not only to
deal with the world's coldness

but even to warm the world up.  

I think we have too many expectations
from the Messiah. I would settle for the Messiah teaching us how to

It is time to curl up and bring some
healing to our world.   


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