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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Purpose of prayer-turning on the flow

From Shaul Youkedevich, transcribed by Jenny Hanna Goldfarb
What is the real purpose of the prayer? To change ourselves. As one of
the greatest kabalists of the last century, r'Ashlag says, a person
gets no more and no less than what he wants to receive. So you're
trying to tell me the trouble I had last month, that I wanted to
receive that? Let's look at it like the water company who supplies
water thru the pipes, now the city can supply the water all the way to
the customer's home. And yet if the person is not receiving - we have
to check our own pipes - The problem is not with the city water, but
the person's pipe to receive it. Every person is connected to a system
of pipes that protect me as a customer to too much high pressure that
is coming from the city system, so too each person has their own
receptors to receive the Lightforce of the universe. Let's say a
person likes to get drunk, he likes to be selfish, and indulge
himself, there's a big problem with that. There's another rule we have
to learn - we have to remind ourselves - when we want to connect to
the Lightforce of God it is different than the city system in water;
if I take lots of water I have to pay, but the payment in the
spiritual worlds is 'paying it forward'. The Light of God being
endless, so if I want to keep receiving I need to create a system down
here with affinity to the big system; to create my own "water tower"
of sharing with everything I receive; each paycheck, each encounter,
each relationship, each day.


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