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Monday, August 10, 2015


I was riding my bike down 2nd ave (in the direction of the F train) and passed by a box of...stuff-of cleaning supplies like natural toilet bowl cleaner and green sponge cloths and  biokleen powder laundry detergent. THANK YOU UNIVERSE . DOwn the street there is a Craftsman Art Supply Store. Reimnds me of the one I went to In LA on La Cienega.  And then I started to miss him. Our trips to buy canvas and paints. I composed a text to him saying I found this store and it made me think of him. so did meatloaf with rosemary.  But wasn't gonna send it. . so I bought a finger puppet I can stick in peoples faces when they are texting and walking -SO ANNOYING! I'm guilty of it too. On my way back I found a roll of crepe paper-It party TiMe and Mad Libs.  on the subject of Parties the people in the hood are gearing up for their Yom Tov Labor Day parade.


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