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Friday, October 26, 2007

holy foods

I'm on my way to Whole foods, passing people sitting outside at tables, and my eye catches a man with curly dark hair and dark eyes sitting with a woman. We look at each other, and I turn back to say, you look familiar. Maybe its a middle eastern thing, maybe its a bay area thing. I ask if he's Jewish. I live in a Jewish bubble. No. He asks me if I'm a lawyer. Ha! no. We finally find a friend in common, Josie Leher, and he thinks he met me with her. We get into a conversation about religion-such a loaded thing. He went to Brandeis, was married to a Jew. yes, there's a lot of healing that need to be done, a lot to do with boundaries and elitism and victim mentality. I was just walking in to buy some ingredients for holy challah...I appreciate that people are passionate.


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