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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shavuot-the dairy holiday

I survived Shavuot-eating customary dairy in the right proportion, and did not stay up all night learning-its a custom. I was sleepy at 11 and then got a second wind saying hello to people. It was very sweet to see the community gathered together. It was really hot today-people sweating.
My dvar Torah is that Torah is compared to water. my pet peeve is water being wasted-whats up with lawns being watered but the sidewalk is getting watered? Shorter time watering please. but I digress. the point being just like we need water to survive, we also need Torah, and each drop is precious. It being a very hot day, my public service announcement is to stay hydrated and drink. The water shortage doesn't mean your hygiene needs to suffer. Off to bed, got to get some sleep.


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