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Thursday, July 10, 2008

summer lovin

Its hot. Watermelon weather. I like eating watermelon with feta cheese, the combination of sweet and juicy with salty. Today I met a friend in the park who brought a watermelon to enjoy. No knife to open, but dropped it with intention. Had spoons and I had chopsticks.

My dad is on a diet for his heart and to lose weight. He is following a diet by Dr. Essyln who prescribes a vegan diet. I find it a bit extreme not to have oil or avocados! I made a dinner that was almost in line, except for the guacamole. A dinner of brown rice, salsa of cilantro, tomato,red onion, lime and garlic, sweet white corn-I think my first of the season, cut from the cob with lime and cumin. Ate it in a low carb tortilla-they have a funny taste. I would add black beans.

The woman I cook for was craving chocolate, so I melted bittersweet chocolate and added ground almonds and oats to make a chocolate bar.


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