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Thursday, July 3, 2008

seeing what is

The new month of Tammuz is today. The energy of healing for this month is


we are fixing our sight
seeing beyond illusion
beyond the prism of what distorts

seeing clearly
for what things truly are
beyond the veil of illusion

Torah illuminates the eyes
we can see clearly
Torah is transformation

I see what is in the way
I see where I want to go
I ask for support
with the obstacles

COmmitMEnt is a challenge
I say its the fog, living on a fault line
critical of community
chevre, can we show up?

it is inner,
the courage to
confront the challenges

tears fall when I do not see myself for who
truly am,
when I see only my limitations
tears come to my eyes when
I am seen
by another who
I truly am
my grace
my power
my light
I want to shine strong like a laser
and not get scattered like a flashlight

I am powerful
I am strong
I am radiant

I know I am half of a whole
growing towards shleimut.
in myself, to be open to see
my dynamic partner in creation

who see me
for who I truly am and what
I am capable of becoming


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