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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hippie in Hollywood

 I was in Whole Foods yesterday 3 times. It can be fun shopping for a friend,and then kept on coming back for coconuts on sale.  Yum. nourishing and hydrating
Peanut butter?  am I buying the right brand? get the one with less fat??
wakame seaweed?  does it need a a hescher???
4 boxes of waffles-they have chia and flax seed
the bell peppers aren't kosher, does it matter
these are the things to ponder
gluten free raisin bread?  Pas yisroel
each time I used store credits-the yo yo of buying and returning

the day before I was very thirsty and went into Erhwon to check out price on Blackcurrant oil, salivate over the juice bar-does someOne want to pick me up and invite me for a juice?  and slather on patcholi scented body lotion. now I smell like a hippie
I decide that it might be more reasonable price wise at WF, so I go to the juice bar there and down a drink with parsley, kale, cucumber, ginger.  my cells are getting some nourishment. 


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