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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Parrots on Palm

I've been taking walks around the neighborhood with my favorite 3 year old, Chanan Velvel. His younger brother is acting kvetchy, so I'm sure he appreciates getting out of the apartment. He is into trucks and bulldozers. On our walk on Monday,  I told him that there are parrots that live on Palm Dr. I asked a man on the sidewalk if he has seen parrots on his street. He said no, however there are wild parrots that fly around. Hopefully we will find one. If not, it makes a good title for a book, Parrots on Palm
Chanan and I took several laps around the block on a Friday night over a month ago. I pointed out the crickets making noise.  He knows when we walk during the day the crickets are sleeping

Despite the leaf blowers and traffic going by, I attune my ears to sounds of nature.


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