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Friday, August 30, 2013

Exploring Portland

After a somehwat sleepless night in Eugene-I want to contribute to an active mind and too many wires in the living room, I took a train on a drizzly morning up to Portland.  Sprinkles and sunshine. More sunshine.  I got to connect with my high school friend Alice, who is living in an gentrified neighborhood called Boise   ? She has 3 cats, her dog Lucy and 3 old chickens. Her husband Bill took me for a tour of the neighborhood with Lucy. Passed by restuarants, food carts, and for Lucy a dog treat at the pet store. I tasted some ice cream-too sweet to indulge. When we got back to the house, Bill set me up with a bicycle to explore.  I wanted to check out a farmers market, however changed direction and  explored the new market with a Whole Foods vibe. Then explored Alberta st-Last Thursdays-vendors, street theatre, music. I was there briefly.  I rode back and we all sat on the porch and had some pear ale. Neighbors Shawn and Lea with their 2 daughters came over and we did some laughter yoga

Some bike lanes-wow its like rush hour, the bike parade

People here are amenable to Laughter Yoga.

Alice and I went out for dinner on   ? St.

I gotta head out soon, so I'll share that I went out to a farm this morning with my friend Josh who is a farmer. He's consulting on this one. It was stunning to be above the city, clouds in the sky
I biked downtown this afternoon,I can say I biked over a bridge
I'm about to unplug for 3 days-Extended Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom!!!


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