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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rebbetzin Geltwoman's finds

I got a manicure and pedicure at the beauty school. The woman who did my nails is from Vietnam, however most of the other students are white. A woman who is a nurse and now teaches nursing came in to get a pedicure. She had a great laugh. 
They are opening a school in Maui. Hey! Hey! Hey!

I discovered two holes in my organic cotton skirt-oh no! I am very anti holes-holes in our clothes are like holes in our soul. I rode past a 2nd hand resale store that profits go to charity on my way to the beauty school. i saw it was open til 4. I squeezed in before it closed. I found a pair of capri pants for $1, as well as a pair of drawstring pants for $6. I also found a white eyelet button down shirt that makes a good jacket-Indian Summer is coming! 
Earlier I went into a store that was very much my style-silk pants for $70. One day I'd like to have the means for a beautiful pair to do Breema in. I will.  
Total for my outing $21 +$13  = 45  Enjoying NO sales tax in this state!


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