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Friday, July 25, 2014

May we have peace within

the deepest
may we have peace

a window where you can see Yerushalayim
Ttranscript of Reb Shlomo’s teachings, from 2 tape/CD album called “Nachmu
you can order it on the web

(singing) Yehi Shalom b’cheylech shalva b’armenotayich....
let there be peace in your chamber ... tranquility in your palaces

Shalom Shalom Shalom
peace in Yerushalayim peace in the holy city peace in the Holy Land
let there be peace
peace in every land peace on every street peace on every corner
let there be peace
just one more tear just one more prayer just one more song
let there be peace
just one more sunset just more night just one more dawn
let there be peace
just for my children just for your children just for G-d’s children
let there be peace
Shalom ..... Shalom .... Shalom .... Shalom

give me harmony .... one Friday night
one holy special exalted Friday night ‘in heiligen Shabbos’
let there be peace......
by the holy Radoshitzer by the Rebbe Reb Ber after the ‘table’
he called his biggest chosid Reb Chaim Meirel
and he took him to the window
let there be peace

and he said to him
“look out of the window”
and both were standing there looking out of the window
and their tears were flowing
tears from Yerushalayim until Mashiach is coming
until they couldn’t bear it anymore........
let there be peace....

the heilige Radoshitzer went back to his room
and the chassidim said “Chaim Meirle what did the Rebbe show you?”

and this is what he said:
“ohr chadash al Tziyon tair v’nizkeh chulanu – let there be peace
the new light! the great light !
the light we are waiting for
the one, which will shine in the Holy City
this is what the Rebbe showed me tonight - let there be peace”

“but why were you crying so much?”
and this is what he said :
“not only did he show me the light
he also showed me all the tears
he also showed me all the pain
the holy people of Israel have to go through
until there will be peace

so my dearest most beautiful friends and all of Israel
I bless you.......let there be one window in your little house
I bless you with a window where you can see Yerushalayim
whenever your children are crying or when you meet someone
who is filled with pain take them to that window
and show them the great light “ohr chadash al Tziyon tair
and give them strength to hold out, not ever to give up
until there will be peace


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