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Friday, July 18, 2014

Whats cooking in the kitchen

Its Erev Shabbos
I shopped at  Aldi I  and came home with marshmallows. I found supersize ones at Big Lots. Found gluten free items like rice mac and cheese and wraps there.  Bought plums and a peach and bananas. Its marshmallow time for stress relief, and smoothie time-made a banana peanut butter one with maca powder its good for stress.
I bought a cabbage at a farm stand run by an Amish young woman. We had a conversation about modesty as I am dressed in long sleeves and leggings.
I made a salad with frozen peas, a red pepper that is from Canada and persian cucumbers.  I made a tahini dressing. its almost noon in CA. time for a nap here.


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