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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Settling in

I like the place I am calling home. After 40 years of wandering I feel I can call this place home. Even if it is just a summer vacation.  I clutter the kitchen with dishes. Continually bowls, mason jars to wash. I like having guests, they wash and put away. The cast iron pan stays on the stovetop.I am almost anal about sweeping. hair on the floor! got to get rid.
burning sage
I've got piles of local magazines to check out.
There is another laptop on the kitchen table.
Julie came over on Sun and did some organizing and decluttering magic. the place has a flow now.
The sound of drilling and heavy metal has passed upstairs
I listen to the Israeli band Tipex over and over. Great for doing sponga (Israeli style washing the floor)
Matt is slowly moving in the last bit of his stuff. We are grateful for each other being here. He's a soul brother He was my housemate in the 'burbs during Passover at Isabella Freedman. 801 Harlemvile Rd is becoming a refuge for Isabella Freedmaniks.
Heading to bed. Lots to prepare before making upstairs


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