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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back 'home' in the hood

Its been 2 weeks since I've been in Brooklyn. I walk on Kingston and feels a little like a ghost town. As the sun sets and I go out on the street  I see familiar faces. We say hello, catch up. Chaya and I walk to Lefferts park, it can feel a little ghetto and watch kids playing in the park. She tells me that the superintendents grown up sons play soccer and he comes to watch. Family. Things are familiar, though I haven't seen a corner market in almost 2 weeks.  We go into Family Dollar, I am looking to replace my 'precious' jewlery-I bought a squishy ball bracelet two weeks ago. I lost it in the hospital. I don't see them on the cash register. I ask the man and he directs me to a lower shelf. There are plastic bracelets, in the shape of star and heart. I am wearing them. I am going to share tomorrow that you can wear a bracelet and when you find yourself having a negative thought, to switch to the other wrist.
I looked in a bin on the counter and found two of the bracelets I was looking for!

We were craving chinese food, we got Egg rolls at Empire Kosher. it brought up some memories for me being engaged and eating there. The Israeli owner played with me. it was satisfying. warm. greasy
Went home and heated up baked ziti-food to put us to sleep. ready for shluffy.


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