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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Committing to Consistency

We eat. we sleep. we go to the bathroom. we walk. I write. Cause I have stories
I have lots of rich experiences that shape my consciousness. I have moments of divine providence (hashcacha pratis) happen all the time. I'm sitting outside the Brooklyn Public library in the plaza. traffic goes by. sirens. a woman with purple hair and a floral dress. Everything is alive
I just came from the Botanical garden. its free on Tues and its my lifeline to sanity, walking barefoot on the grass.
I cried when I arrived. my cells are tired and thirsty for love. Look, I get sexual energy ALL the time. I got a waiting list of people who would like to get into my pants. I'm talking about SAFE. GENTLE. LOVING CARESSES. Simply someone to stroke my hair. some mutual support
 I was crying by the pond, and a young woman with a camera around her neck asked if there was anything she could do and I replied, " a hug."
well maybe I am missing out on AMMA the 'hugging saint' and need to get over to the Javits center to receive a hug. or maybe just let mySelf know that EveryThing is gonna be ALL right.
I got a sweaty one from her in Los Angeles.
I hear a harmonica
and there's a raindrop or two between the sunshine breaking through
So can I reallytrust in SOURCE
to KNOW that ALL is WELL. I am taken care of. I am not going to fall off this planet
need some more love. and laughter.
now for the big question, who wants to be my angel?


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