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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

in memory of Yaakov Shlomo Matisyahu Chaim

I am sharing words from Mendy Pellin. today is the yartzeit of his brother

Three years ago my brother passed away. His name was Yaakov.
In honor of his Yartzeit I'd like to share a little story about a different Yaakov. Yaakov Shwekey.
Three weeks before my brother died, Shwekey asked me, on a Sunday, if I can come film a music video with him in Israel that Tuesday. A few hours later I was on a plane sketching ideas for the video on a napkin. It didn't make any sense to try to pull off an international video with just a plane ride for prep.
But it all made sense shortly after returning from the trip. I had gone to Israel to say goodbye to my brother.
Before that trip I hadn't seen my brother, Yaakov, in a few years. So this gave us an opportunity to catch up for a while. He told me about a maamar he learned that day. We spoke about our favorite Seinfeld moments. We spoke about childhood memories. We said goodbye. We hugged.
And two weeks later he died, suddenly.
Shiva was in Jerusalem. For some reason, I couldn't manage to get a minyan together for Kaddish. I was not handling things too well.
On the 6th day of Shiva, Shwekey called me. He was back in Jerusalem for a show and wanted to swing by for a Shiva call. He asked what time Shachris was. I told him I wasn't able to arrange a minyan and that he should swing by after daavening.
He didn't listen. He stopped by before daavening - bringing a minyan with him.
G-d made him the messenger for me to say goodbye to my brother. During that Shachris he arranged, I realized why.
With so much sadness in the world, we should take the time to recognize those that bring smiles and light to the world.
My brother definitely brought smiles and light to the world. May Yaakov Shlomo Matisyahu Chaim ben Yosef Getzel have an Aliya and may we truly cry no more IN Jerusalem!


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