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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saying the right thing at the right time

Sharing words from Shaul Youkedevich  on Devarim transcribed by Jenny Hanna Goldfarb
We just entered a new month of Av - Leo. People born during this month
of Av, we call them Leos, have a lot of desire to share. Leos are good
at sharing their opinions w/others and there are leadership qualities
associated with Leos. During a particular month, we all become the
given sign, so even if you're not born during that month, we are all
fall sway to these influences.  Sharing is great, the problem is if
I'm all about giving, the danger is doing it the way "I" think it
should be.
So how do you tell someone what you think they should do so that the
person can receive it? The way the halacha says, the same way it's an
important thing to say the right thing to a person, and to share views
abt his wrongdoing, it's of the same importance not to say it at the
wrong time. We know you can say something at the wrong moment and the
damage can last for who knows how long...


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