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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Flirting and Conscious Uncoupling

I confessed to my friend on fb in Tzvat today that I  like to flirt. A LOT . Perhaps I could monetize it. Have a teleseminar. He wrote
Well you ARE a champion Flirt
I  mean World Class,

I question if it moves me forward in life in staying focused in what I need to get done.  ITS JUST SO MUCH FUN. Especially when my hormones are high.  Flirting is good for the heart. A little love tap, a little wink that I'm dancing with you.

Today I listened to a friend on the phone who told me she feels like she is on the verge of getting divorced, her heart is so broken, and I see how her impostions of rules and trying to fit into a society that doesn't align with her essence has caused friction for her family. I tell her to be gentle. I tell her its ok to listen to music. I tell her to say the Ho'opono prayer
I Love You
I'm Sorry
Thank You
Please Forgive me.

clears out a lot of soul junk

In my inbox I got a email about an intro to be a coach for Conscious Uncoupling. We couple, how about being conscious in the untangling of patterns and giving back to the other person what was no longer ours in the first place?


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