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Thursday, August 13, 2015

We ALL have a DIVINE mission

Talented. Beautiful. Passionate.
  The holy Ari z"l taught that every Jewish soul is here in this world to
perform a particular task, to do a particular "tikkun olam". The unique
 'shlichut'/mission that you have been given cannot be fulfilled by anyone
 else but yourself, and the same is true for everyone else. Furthermore says
the Ari z"l, this unique mission of yours, is uniquely yours; ever since
Hashem first created the world and until Mashiach is coming, no one else was
 given this particular shlichut/mission, this particular responsibility for
 "tikkun olam" - the fixing of the world. No one else can do it for you/us,
 just as we cannot do someone else's 'tikkun'.


Come On UNIVERSE, you GOTTA help me get out of my way.
You gotta help me connect with my tribe and shine my light, illuminate the darkness and I need $$$
you gotta help me. We  live in a physical world. I want to bring glory to you


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