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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I am SO very grateful for going to Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhna practice. It starts at 4 am. I know its time to go when I wake up without an alarm at 3am.  We can break our habits and change our thoughts. We can even change our DNA.  Guess what?  Yes, we are running in place AND you can also  go to sleep in the vibration of raising your Kundalini. Its a beautiful thing for me to be in a room of sisters dressed in white (increases your auric field) and the sole male, Sadu, who owns the place.   It was an energizing set, I did what I could, mindful of my knee injury and lay down for a nap for some of the chanting. Detox tea and sharing afterwards.   A wonderFuLL way to start the day


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