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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the simple life

I'm appreciating getting out of the urban environment for a few days and staying with my friend's parents down in Carmel Valley. I can see stars at night-sparkling, the awesomeness of the ocean's waves and the hills. Its good to get out of town and have inspiration from Hashem's creations and declare Ma Gadlu Massechaya
Its knowing wherever we are as Jews we can elevate and appreciate what is around us. Its not really wanderlust that I have, its a desire to live life simply in a seemingly complex world. Where I'm staying there is a woodburning stove, and we're eating lots of locally grown, seasonal vegetables like kabocha squash, beets, and greens.
Its good to be simple, I do have an appreciation for nice things, and went a little gaga in the shoe store-I've been wearing the same pair of shoes from Payless Shoe source for the past 3 months, so I thought it was ok to check out what's out there. L'kavod shabbos.


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