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Sunday, June 15, 2008

living in the bay-got to love it!

as I have one foot out the door, I am finding things that I appreciate. Like the man who crochets hats outside of MacArthur BART. I asked him how many he makes a day. He told me he would teach me how to make one if I wanted. I got on the BART and was greeted with "namaste' by 2 4th grade boys on a field trip. I hitchiked from the bus station-c'mon, it was hot and I was carrying a bag-a man with his son in back, driving a rental car was kind enough to pick me up. go good karma!

I reconnected with my friend Snooky at the farmers market. good to be in his presence. a delightful soul. I was shopping erev shabbos at Monterey Market and ran into another yid shopping for shabbos. We greeted each other with a good shabbos. got to love it.

On my walk toay I saw the most recent father in the chevre, who named his son Elia Mevin Sod. That's a name to grow into!


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