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Thursday, February 25, 2010

keeping it real on the other coast!

I'm wearing a blonde wig, and its doing wonders for my confidence!
I'm in Crown Heights, the land of well, its not always pretty on the outside, but theres depth on the inside.
Trying not to eat too many knishes...but NY energy does affect me, like eating pizza. I'm cooking up a storm while its snowing outside-made some hilbe (I really like the taste of fenugreek) ginger, cilantro and scallions on tlapia, and some raw apple pie that could be charoset-apples, ginger, walnuts, dates...
going to make a soup
I'm having a great time sharing laughter with people-went to Pratt Jewish student center for lunchtime laughter, and got paid. I led a session for ladies this past Sunday. One of my favorite exercise is Pretend you are a model walking down the runway...move those hips.


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