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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gratitude is My Prayer

That is the message for today in the 21 day meditation challenge I am doing
I meant to be asleep already-I stayed up too late last night posting videos
Today was a day where Heaven is truly here on Earth -HOME . I went to a yoga class on the beach. When I arrived, people were doing downward dog at the waters edge.  I like :).  Lying in Shavasana on the sand beats a wooden floor. I think I almost fell asleep for a moment.
I connected with someone in the class who does acupressure and we did a trade. Good to have the blood flowing in my spine.  
I visited Estelle at Ocean House in assisted living.
I walked along the boardwalk headed towards the pier and found bodies balancing on feet on the grass. Wow! Acro Yoga. I got to do bird-balancing on the feet with my legs extended and chest out, smiling out at the ocean.

I didn't have much of a lunch and got to Whole Foods at sunset. Nourishment-peanut butter, cheddar flavored rice and nut crackers, and a banana. Grateful to make broth with celery and bok choi and add quinoa and tumeric. That is nourishment. Heading off to the world of dreams.


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