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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Home Cooking

It feels good to cook a nourishing meal. I get by with a LOT of grazing, eating at friend's, and fortunate to go out to eat. There's something nurturing about eating food prepared with my energy.  I just made a bomb dish-a great substitute for stuffing. I've adapted it from Body Ecology-an anti candida diet.  Baked buckwheat, kale, red pepper and celery, with rosemary and olive oil. YUMMMMM!!!

Soak the buckwheat and rinse. I like to soak for 12 hours. Less is ok. The soaking takes out the phytic acid.
Cook the buckwheat with about a cup of water.
Put in oiled baking dish and add chopped kale ,red pepper, celery, rosemary and sea salt.
bake at 350 for at least half an hour for desired crunchiness, bake longer.

Its important for me to be connected to the source of my sustenance, and choose my produce with care. I shop at local farmers markets as much as possible. I came home with cabbage, mung bean sprouts grapes, celery, bok choi, parsley,red pepper, cauliflower, and dinosaur kale-bought at 3 markets this week, since I'm a junkie!!!


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